Clean Plus Today

Clean Plus continues to move forward.  Today, our corporate responsibility is to take a greater environmental and social approach to preparing a sustainable future.  Our approach is focused on:


  • We stand behind our motto: Built on Partnership
  • Our success is built on the loyalty and the relationship we form with our customers
  • We are committed to delivering superior quality products, a high level of customer service, and continued collaboration with our customers to achieve the best outcome.

Our People:

our-peopleWe operate in an environment of trust and honesty where the safety of our people is our top priority. These principles apply to anyone associated with Clean Plus including our staff, our customers and our suppliers.  We ensure our employees are constantly engaged and this is reflected through the long term employment of our staff, some of which have accumulated up to twenty years’ service. The company is led today by a team of experienced professionals that have obtained the confidence of a very well established network of distributors all across Australia.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

corp-social-responsibilityWe believe in sharing our path with the less fortunate. Clean Plus Chemicals has established the “Rivers Of Life” school in Kisumu, Kenya which currently teaches and houses over 160 orphan children, employing ten staff including seven teachers. Thank you for the loyalty and partnership of our distributors over the years that made this dream come true.

Our Environment Responsibility:

environmental-responsibilitygeca-logoClean Plus is going greener.  In 2015, we reduce our carbon footprint by using solar energy to create clean and renewable energy for our production process.  Clean Plus is committed to producing fewer pollutants to the environment by using renewable and cleaner sources of energy during our manufacturing process.

Concurrently, in responding to market demand, nine Clean Plus products were assessed, approved and certified by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia).