Clean Plus is compliant with the new GHS Legislation

05 January, 2018

Clean Plus Chemicals is pleased to announce that we are NOW compliant with the new legislation for the classification of GHS.


Australia has adopted a new classification called as GLOBALLY HARMONIZED SYSTEM (GHS) which comes into effect from 1st of January 2017. This classification process involves identifying PHYSICAL, HEALTH and ENVIRONMENTAL hazards of any given chemical formulation. Manufacturers/Suppliers or importers are required to update labels and SDS based on those classifications. Clean Plus Chemicals have been working on updating all the labels and SDS according to the new GHS.


Most common products from Clean Plus Chemicals like hand washes, body washes, commercial grade disinfectants, neutral cleaners are not changing at all. Only products classified as HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS need to carry respective pictograms to identify specific hazards involved in handling them. Some of the major pictograms you will find on our labels are shown below:



DANGER – Products that are classified Corrosive or flammable or oxidizing or all will carry a signal word DANGER. This is the highest degree of signal word.

WARNING – Products that are classified as IRRITANT or carry ENVIRONMENTAL or HEALTH hazard will carry a signal word WARNING.

CAUTION – For products that are not changing – we have still put a word CAUTION. After all CHEMICALS ARE CHEMICALS.

We have already started rolling out the updated labels to almost all customers since October 2016 giving them ample of time to rotate stock levels so they do not keep a lot of old stock on shelf. We  are happy to replace labels for products still available for sale after the 1st January 2017 to comply with GHS.

From 21st November 2016 we will start providing a soft copy of all updated SDS (even though noting changes, we have to update them every 5 years) for our distributors to pass on to their end users and comply before the cut-off date.


Although the new classification of hazards may interpret different information, Clean Plus Chemicals would like to assure our distributors that our formulations have not changed. You can rely on our high quality standard products and their performance as usual.

Please feel free to  contact us in  case if  you need further assistance.

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