Alongside our comprehensive product catalogue, Clean Plus offers an extensive range of customised solutions to meet the cleaning needs of our customers. Stand out and make an impact with a customised range of branded products with personalised packaging.

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Customisable Packaging

We can create packaging for your chosen products to meet your specific requirements.

  • For liquids, our packaging solutions range from 500ml bottles to 1000L tanks.
  • For powders, choose from 500g jars up to 25kg bags.

Alternative sizes are available for both liquids and powders; however, minimum quantities and conditions apply for all non-standard sizes.

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Customised Labelling, Safety Data Sheets & Technical Bulletins and Wall Charts

We offer a range of specialised documentation services designed to meet specific chemical requirements.

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Product Development

We can work with you to create a specialised formula for a specific application. Call us to discuss how we can develop the exact product you need. (Please note that minimum quantities apply.)

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Free On-site Training

We provide free on-site lectures for your sales representatives, to share hands-on knowledge about product selling points, safety and handling. Offering training is just another way we strengthen our long-term partnerships with our loyal customers.

How We Deliver

We Are Built On Partnership

Our company motto Built on Partnership underpins all our operations. We work in conjunction with you, our customers and distributors, to fully understand and meet your needs.

Our facilities are exceptional

Our purpose-built factory creates the highest quality products using the latest technologies and innovative R&D. Our Quality Endorsed Company provides our staff with a safe and comfortable workplace. Ongoing training for our employees ensures we deliver all-around excellence.

We are genuinely green

Clean Plus is committed to making the world cleaner and safer for future generations. Our cleaning chemicals are eco-friendly and biodegradable, formulated with care for the environment. We use recycled packaging and the latest in Green Process and waste control methods. We understand our responsibility to the environment, advocating for green energy, solar and LED use.

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